Access to housing

The situation we are currently going through is due to nothing more than the bad choices made by Liberal and Conservative governments.

This is nothing new. Both Conservative and Liberal governments have ignored the housing crisis and turned their backs on the vast majority of the population.

What are the effects? People are faced with impossible choices. Have to choose between paying rent, shopping for groceries or paying for medication. In addition, a significant number of citizens are forced to live in unsanitary housing, or even find themselves on the street.

The NDP’s goal is to end this crisis once and for all. Here is what we offer:

Having a home has become an impossible dream for too many people. New Democrats believe it is time to help people – now.

We have an ambitious plan that will make a difference in every community in our country – because finding a decent, affordable place to live shouldn’t be like winning the lottery. It’s time to relieve the stress and worry of people by choosing to make renting and buying a home more accessible.

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