Better public services

Providing reliable public services

Canadians must be able to count on their government to provide reliable public services. However, instead of acting to help, Conservative and Liberal governments have spent years cutting essential services, leaving people grappling with the consequences of eliminating door-to-door mail delivery and unacceptably long wait times for government services.

When governments choose to make bogus tax cuts and harmful cuts to services, people end up losing access or paying more out of pocket for the services their families need, or they can no longer count on these services at all.

Quality medical services are essential to ensure the safety and health of Canadian families. In too many places across the country privatization and cutbacks are a real threat. Justin Trudeau maintained Stephen Harper’s cuts to health transfers and resisted calls from the provinces to restore this funding.

Health cuts made by Conservative premiers like Jason Kenney, Doug Ford and Brian Pallister have made it harder for the health care system to cope with the pandemic and put people at greater risk. The federal government cannot be idle while these essential services are threatened. New Democrats will stand up for public health care and resist privatization, which costs us money and undermines our public health care system.

The Liberals once promised to restore door-to-door mail delivery, which was cut by the Conservatives. But when they came to power, they broke their commitment and left hundreds of thousands of people without the postal services they need – especially hitting seniors and people with disabilities. Now that we depend on mail more than ever, New Democrats are fighting with you to restore door-to-door mail delivery to all the communities that lost it under the Conservative government, to protect this essential service from future cuts.

When it comes to getting help from the government, people expect reliable services that work. The Liberal government has failed to even pay civil servants properly, and the Conservatives would rather make cuts than improve the way government works.

New Democrats will put in place a service guarantee that will make government departments responsible for setting and issuing binding service standards for programs like Employment Insurance, Veterans Support, Aboriginal services, passports, Revenue Agency call centers, and other services. Ministers will be held accountable for achieving these goals. New Democrats have the courage to stand up for you: We will also increase consumer protection for financial transactions and demand that financial advisors provide advice that is in your financial best interests, not the banks’. This will include strengthening the powers of investigation and enforcement of these rules, and compensating people who have been deceived. We will also pass legislation to protect your privacy and prevent credit and debit card companies from selling your personal information.

To expand consumer choice while reducing waste, we will establish the right to repair your electronics and other products at affordable prices, and we will hold businesses responsible for electronic waste associated with their products.

New Democrats will ensure prices at the pumps are fairer by creating a Price Watch Ombudsman to investigate complaints, and by strengthening the power of the Competition Bureau to investigate proactively on allegations of anti-competitive industry activity. To protect the safety of travellers and the rights of consumers, an NDP government will also strengthen the Air Passenger Bill of Rights. Finally, New Democrats will modernize Canada’s competition laws to adapt to today’s changing economy.

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