A healthcare system for all

As we work together to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, we see the proof that our healthcare system is on the brink of collapse. Millions of families still do not have access to the medicines they need because they do not have private drug insurance from their employer. The number of uninsured people who are forced… Continue reading A healthcare system for all

Access to housing

The situation we are currently going through is due to nothing more than the bad choices made by Liberal and Conservative governments. This is nothing new. Both Conservative and Liberal governments have ignored the housing crisis and turned their backs on the vast majority of the population. What are the effects? People are faced with… Continue reading Access to housing

Changing the way we travel

Transportation is how we get around, but it’s more importantly how we maintain links between our communities. If we make the right choices now, we will create quality jobs and build the vehicles and transit infrastructure we need to keep us moving. Municipalities are already investing in public transit in their communities, but they need… Continue reading Changing the way we travel

A more inclusive economy

The pandemic has changed the way many of us work. Overnight, millions of jobs were lost. People who could work struggled to balance work and family responsibilities. The growth of precarious and poorly paid work is the result of decades of decisions made by Liberal and Conservative governments. From the abandonment of the federal minimum… Continue reading A more inclusive economy

Pharmacare for all

In the years before the creation of universal healthcare, New Democrats saw people suffer because they could not afford the care they needed. We have seen others lose their homes, farms, and businesses to pay their medical bills. We have seen entire families devastated by disease. In response to this grim reality, the New Democrats… Continue reading Pharmacare for all

Better public services

Providing reliable public services Canadians must be able to count on their government to provide reliable public services. However, instead of acting to help, Conservative and Liberal governments have spent years cutting essential services, leaving people grappling with the consequences of eliminating door-to-door mail delivery and unacceptably long wait times for government services. When governments… Continue reading Better public services