Changing the way we travel

Transportation is how we get around, but it’s more importantly how we maintain links between our communities. If we make the right choices now, we will create quality jobs and build the vehicles and transit infrastructure we need to keep us moving.

Municipalities are already investing in public transit in their communities, but they need a federal partner to improve transit across the country. We will modernize and expand transit within and between communities, and ensure that federal funding for transit increases the capacity to develop low-carbon projects, such as zero-emission buses and electric trains, in the goal of electrifying public transit and other municipal fleets by 2030.

For those provinces and municipalities that make it a priority, we’ll help them set up free public transit to make it easier to get around, help people make ends meet and reduce gas emissions.

To help replace the Greyhound connections that have been cancelled, we will develop a public intercity bus network. We will also support the creation of a high frequency train in the Quebec City-Windsor corridor, develop train options in other regions and work on the restoration of the Northlander to support this crucial link for the communities and businesses of northern Ontario.

People want to do their part and we will make it easier to get a zero emission vehicle (ZEV). As our country moves towards a target of 100% ZEV sales by 2035, we will ensure that more of these vehicles are built here. An NDP government will extend federal incentives for ZEVs and provide a break for hard-working families by waiving the federal sales tax on ZEVs. We will increase these incentives to $ 15,000 per family for vehicles made here. We will increase the use of ZEVs in the public sector – including state-owned companies – and freight transport. To make it easier for people to useZEVs in all regions, we will expand the charging infrastructure from coast to coast and help people who buy them, new or used, cover the cost of installing theZEV charger. We will create a center for ZEV research and development to advance related technologies such as hydrogen, batteries and energy storage. We will seek other opportunities related to green hydrogen fuel cell technology, which could help reduce emissions from heavy goods vehicles and the freight, marine and aviation sectors. We will also explore ways to strengthen standards on low carbon fuels.

Finally, we will promote smart community organizing and active transportation, such as walking and cycling, to help people make healthy choices that are more affordable for everyone. We will work with other levels of government to encourage the use of e-bikes and integrate them safely into our active transportation network.

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