Who is Nimâ Machouf?

“The past year has proven that by sending New Democrats to Ottawa we get results. Jagmeet and I are fighting for you.”»

Nimâ Machouf is an Iranian-born Canadian epidemiologist and feminist activist. She holds a doctorate in public health from the University of Montreal and specializes in international health and infectious diseases, particularly HIV / AIDS. She has been a COVID-19 and public health correspondent throughout the pandemic.

Since leaving Iran following political repressions, Nimâ has been active in many Quebec social movements, such as the March of bread and roses and in the movement against the projects of Hydrocarbure Coule pas with us!

Nimâ was elected in 2009 as municipal councilor for Projet Montréal.

In 2019, Nimâ Machouf was an NDP candidate in the riding of Laurier-Sainte-Marie, supported by the environmental group Notre-Moment.

It is this immense experience, both militant and electoral, which explains Nima’s exceptional political capacities today. Accessible and generous, Nimâ was able, throughout these battles, to rally and mobilize hundreds of people from various backgrounds – which is the basis of any policy to promote citizen participation in democratic processes. In short, with all that and with the progressive NDP platform that goes from universal drug insurance to the end of oil subsidies – Nima will make the best MP the people of Laurier Ste-Marie can send to Parliament.